Espiga & La Craft

Wandering Souls

  • Size 440ml
  • ABV 4.5%
  • Style English Bitter
  • Country of Origins Spain
  • Canning Date BB 03/2025
  • Deposit Fee YES (included in total)
    BEER €5.10 + DRSI €0.15

We really wanted to collaborate with La Craft de Vilanova! The shared tastes for classic beer have led us to produce this easy and tireless sipping Best Bitter, perfect to accompany also tireless evenings at the bars of the best bars with the best company.

It is an amber-colored beer with a translucent appearance, with beige and creamy foam. In aroma and flavor, the caramelized notes of the malts and fresh-from-the-oven bread stand out. There is also a gentle touch of herbal hops at the end, which adds complexity; the hop profile is moderate, with earthy and woody notes that complement the sweetness of the malt without overpowering it. The finish is clean and dry, inviting the next sip.

A beer where you'll enjoy the full potential of the caramelized malts with a slightly hoppy finish that makes a perfect balance to get a round sip and be able to enjoy several pints in the English style without stopping.

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