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In Fructus Veritas

Sour Ale brewed with Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Mango, Banana & Milk Sugar.
Evil Twin

Before, During & After Dinner Blend

Coffee Stout|473ml|8%
Coffee Stout
Evil Twin

Devil Child

Barley wine ale with maple syrup & vanilla
Evil Twin

Sour Bikini (2022 Long Island Sound Edition)

Sour IPA|473ml|4%
Evil Twin CT

I Feel Comfortable Using Beer Jargon In Everyday Life

Belgian Blonde|473ml|6.5%
Adding to our hoppy blonde series! This one offers bright notes of wheat, fresh hops, & subtle citrus notes.   Mosaic & Strata
€5.25 €8.99
Evil Twin NYC

Stephen's Over-The-Top Strawberry Lemon Poppyseed Glazed Donut

Going very over-the-top with strawberries, lemon, poppyseed, & glazed donuts for this sour beer.
Evil Twin NYC

Piña Colada Sherbet

Brewed with pineapple, coconut, & a teeeeeny bit of cherry.
Evil Twin NYC

To The Milky Way & Back XI

Milkshake IPA|473ml|7%
Blending blueberry, matcha, marcona almonds, & vanilla for edition 11. Contains milk sugar.
Evil Twin NYC

Dumb Fruit 19

Blending tangerine, Concord grape, fig leaves, & honey drops for the 19th edition.
€7.49 €11.49
Evil Twin

Ode To Chevy Nova

A robust porter, a bit bolder & a tad sweeter than a baltic porter. Drinks with a light-medium body & offers rich notes of big chocolate, caramel, toffee, with a...
Evil Twin

Imperial Biscotti Break NYC

Imperial Stout|473ml|11.5%
Take a break with this NYC twist on one of the most notorious OG Evil Twin brews. Brewed with cacao nibs, vanilla, almond & of course… biscotti.
Evil Twin