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Cake Dealer: Passionfruit & Mango

Mixed Fermentation Pastry Sour|330ml |5.5%
We teamed up with Yum Cakes Cookie Crew for a second time in the summer of '22. A base beer brewed with pilsner and Vienna malt, alongside Irish oats and...

̶S̶e̶g̶w̶a̶y Segue

Imperial Baltic Porter|750ml|12.3%
Otterbank & Third Barrel

Time Will Tell

Mixed Ferm Red|330ml|9.1%
We first met the Third Barrel crew back in December 2013 one fateful evening at WJ Kavanaghs in Dublin for the launch of their now legendary Boom pale ale. A...
Otterbank & Third Barrel

Cake Dealer: BA Chocolate Brownie

Barrel Aged Imperial Stout|750ml |10.5%
A chance encounter and a brief chat about food waste and sustainability led to us teaming up with the incredible sugar slingers at Yum Cakes bakery in Derry last year....

Winter Coats

Mixed Ferm Red|750ml|7.5%
Mixed Fermantation Barrel Aged Burgundy Red