Amager Bryghus

Heavenly Hops - Vaticinator

  • Size 440ml
  • ABV 7%
  • Style IPA
  • Country of Origins Denmark
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Ingredients: Water. Barley malts: Golden Promise, Cara-Pils. Oat malt. Wheat malt. Hops: Columbus, Cryo Trial. Yeast: Tropicale.

It’s no secret that we’re fond of our hops at Amager Bryghus. And we use a shitload of them. Our head brewer Jacob thoroughly examines every email he receives from our hop suppliers. And messages containing news of new hop varieties or experimental hop releases sends him into a Zen like state of mind or, you might even say, borderline aroused. Over the years Jacob has tried hundreds of hop combinations, but making up new ones never seems to tire him out. Quite the contrary. Heavenly Hops is a series of new beers containing hops or hop combinations we have rarely or never used before, or experimental hops that haven’t even got a proper name yet. And no, we won’t use the same base beer for all of them, creating a tedious line of Pale Ales or whatever. The beers will naturally all be within the spectrum of hoppy beer styles, but different styles and strengths, that is. To us, hops are almost divine. We hope you’ll enjoy this beer series, Jacob’s tribute to the heavenly hops.

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