• Size 440ml
  • ABV 6.3%
  • Style DDH IPA
  • Country of Origins Spain
  • Canning Date BB 03/2025
  • Deposit Fee YES (included in total)
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Octopint is a hazy looking IPA with a double ration of dry hopping from two American hops. The Octopint has traveled the oceans to harvest new Mckenzie hops in Oregon and Ekuanot hops in the Yakima Valley.

The new Mckenzie hops combine very well with the Ekuanot because they are complemented by the tropical fruit notes they bring. The Ekuanot gives us more citrus and tropical fruit notes such as papalla and pineapple and even pepper and the Mckenzie more resinous notes, melon, grapes and memories of thyme. An ideal combination of fruits is created on a citrus and fresh base by the notes of the herbal plants that also contribute. In the aroma and flavor we will find all these notes accompanied by a silky sensation thanks to the combination of malts and barley.

Octopus drinks pints 8 by 8, and you?

McKenzie & Ekuanot

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