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Geisha: Cognac BA

BA Imperial Stout|330ml|11%
Aged for 1 year in French Cognac barrels, with Columbian Geisha coffee beans, roasted by YUME.Origin: ColombiaFarm/Producer: Juan MartinRegion: Sotara, CaucaAltitude: 2050 mVariety: GeshaProcessing: washedCrop: 2022Cupping notes: acacia flowers, peaches,...
Blackout & Yume

Perpetual Crunch: Bourbon BA

BA Imperial Stout|330ml|11%
Maple, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Vanilla.Aged in Widow Jane and Woodford Double Oak barrels for 9 months.Brewed and cared for at Bereta.

Smoke And Mirrors

Dry, oaky, spicy and heavy on the malts, this will work nicely as a break from all the haze. Barleywine is life.
Blackout & Acan Brewing