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Berry Bliss: Gin Hass Sour

  • Size 440ml
  • ABV 5%
  • Style Sour
  • Country of Origins Denmark
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It isn't really all that strange that most of us totally dig berries. Think about it: For most of us, berries were some of the first foods we ever had. Depending on your age, your mom would probably have been picking, mashing or boiling them little berries to make you a delicious purée when you were just a wee kiddo, OR she would have bought them little smoothie packs that even today - as adults - we are so tempted to buy in the store and slurp on the spot in one quick go. And when we become serious adults, then we go for the berried fruit beers - and this right here is exactly such a thing, a hip fruit bomb.
One of the most popular fruit cocktails in recent years is the Gin Hass. Named after the Dane, Kim Hass, a former tank gunner and UN peacekeeper turned bartender. After teaching at a bartender course in Odense in 2007, the trainees were all worn out from being taken through all the classic – and sometimes rather sophisticated – cocktail recipes. They asked Kim Hass if he couldn’t come up with something simpler, and that’s when the Gin Hass was born. Gin, mango syrup, and lime juice – that’s it. In our beery version of this winning formula our focus is on the mango and the lime juice, with a dash of gin extracted juniper berries for good measure.

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